Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hops and Vines Beer Tasting - Stoudts Brewer - Fri Sep 4-7pm

Tasting at Hops and Vines.  info from their website:

FREE Beer Tasting this Friday, September 4th, 4-7pm!

Stoudt's Brewing Co.

Over 20 years, Stoudt’s Brewing Company has grown and evolved from a
small brewery with limited draught distribution, to a packaging regional
microbrewery with distribution in 10 different states, producing over
10,000 barrels a year. Stoudt's brewing is one of our best selling and
best quality line of beer we sell at Hops & Vines, if you haven't tried
them yet don't miss this weeks beer tasting!

American Pale Ale - This uniquely American beer offers a crisp, medium
body with a light amber color. Generous additions of Cascade hops provide
a refreshing bitterness and a vibrant citrus aroma.
Gold Lager - Stoudt's Gold Lager is widely recognized as one of the finest
style German-style beers brewed in America. Brewed with the finest malts
and German noble hops, this light bodied, easy drinking lager features a
perfect balance between sweet malt and clean crisp hops. One of my
Scarlet Lady ESB - This English-style ale is brewed with Maris Otter and
Carmel malts for a rich reddish-copper color and a smooth malty flavor. The
use of bittering and aroma addition hops brings a balance to this malty
Pilsner - Reflective of the traditional German style, Stoudt's Pils is
delicately dry with a firm hop bitterness. The crispness of the Saaz hops
and a dry malt finish make this Pilsner and excellent aperitif.

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